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Manufacturers of eco friendly knit textiles and Suppliers of eco friendly knit textiles

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Sally Ornaments Co., Ltd. (Hk)


202 total de envios

Taian Bowins Garment Co., Ltd.

China Manufacturer

125 envíos y $         in Chinese exports en total

Guangzhou Uwin Houseware Co., Ltd.


7 total de envios
...In addition, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of home textile products and unparalleled levels of service. We invite all interested customers to...…...Eco-friendly...

Dongguan Yongding Hardware Products

Dongguan, Guangdong, China

1 shipment total

Nantong New Accessories Trade

China Trading Company

40 envíos y $         in Chinese exports en total
...hat/winter knit cap; 2013...

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Shangyu Jinquan Textile Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China Manufacturer

$         in Chinese exports en total…Shangyu Jinquan Textile Co., Ltd

Draper Knitting Co.

United States

7 total de envios
...including conventional circular knit, stitchbonded nonwoven & high...geared towards the therapeutic market. Strives to be an eco-friendly company with the...…...Specification, Fabrics: Synthetic, Cloth: Fiberglass, Textiles: Fiberglass, Fabrics: Fiberglass, Footwear Components...Fabrics: Kevlar®, Fabrics: Protective, Fabrics: Knit, Fabrics: Healthcare, Fabrics: Barrier, Fabrics...

Scotia Co.

Lewiston, Maine, United States

...Eco-Friendly...…...retardant fabric, glove lining fabric, laminating substrate, mattress tickings, eco-friendly fabrics, print cloth...combinations of woven, knit, felt, paper, fiber...…Fabrics: Non-Woven, Cloth: Non-Woven, Cloth: Print, Cloth: Fiberglass, Textiles: Fiberglass, Fabrics: Fiberglass, Mats: Fiberglass, Liners: Glove, Fabrics: Fire & Flame Resistant & Retardant, Cloth: Fire...
Guangzhou Jingfang Textile Co., Ltd……Guangzhou Jinxiang Textile Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Haizhongxing Ribbon Co.


9 total de envios


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