After 20 Years of Tariffs, China is Still in U.S. Magnesium

China 2525 Commodities 189 Materials - Metals/Mining 614 Mexico 708 Tariffs 1613 U.S. 4465

The U.S. ITA has determined that Chinese exports of stainless steel sheet and strip were dumped into the U.S. with rates of up to 77% and countervailing duties of as much as 191% to be applied. Chinese companies are certainly not absent from the U.S. market. Imports from China were only 2% of the total in the 12 months to November 30, but the third largest U.S. importer is the local subsidiary of China National Chemical Corp. In 2016, Mexico accounted for 8% of U.S. imports, with 59% of Mexican imports coming from China. Yet, in 2014 Mexico accounted for 77% of U.S. imports, and China fo...

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