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Indonesia’s RCEP opportunities led by apparel, risks for autos

The signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade deal will bring greatly reduced tariffs and facilitated trade to a group of 15 countries including the ASEAN group, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The deal must be ratified by six ASEAN and three... Read more →


Cambodia-China trade deal could complicate U.S. supply chains

Cambodia and China have signed a trade liberalization deal that could “provide more robust economic partnerships” according to Cambodia’s Commerce Minister, Pan Sorasak. That may allow Chinese firms to draw Cambodian manufacturing more closely into their global supply chains and provide tariff... Read more →


Levi Strauss, Adidas Boost Cambodian Purchases Ahead of Wage Rise

The Cambodian apparel industry faces a 4.4% rise in the government-mandated minimum wage, potentially hurting its competitive position just as companies are deciding where to reallocate China-to-U.S. supply chains to. U.S. imports of apparel climbed 14.0% year over year in 2018 to $2.47 billio... Read more →

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