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Lifters face dumping duties as trade petitions decline

The U.S. ITC received fewer petitions to investigate trade complaints in February with four cases versus 11 in January. That included three intellectual property petitions and one antidumping case. The latter covers imports of mobile access equipment used in the agricultural and utility indust... Read more →


Biden’s $51 billion supply chain planning exercise

President Biden’s long-awaited Executive Order regarding critical supply chain security will kick off a 100 day review of four sectors to address “production shortages, trade disruptions, natural disasters and potential actions by foreign competitors” covering pharmaceutical ingredients, criti... Read more →


Dana faces expedited freight costs from supply chain bullwhip

Dana Inc. reported Q4’20 revenue growth of 6.1% year over year on the back of “strong demand for light vehicles”, beating consensus estimates by 8.7 percentage points. U.S. imports linked to the firm increased by 6.4% over the same period. That’s not been without costs with CFO Jonathan Collin... Read more →


Winter storms disrupt oil supply chains from Aramco to Pemex

Winter storm Uri has led to a significant reduction in U.S. oil production, driving a rise in global oil prices and having a knock-on effect on energy supply chains. Texas accounted for 59.0% of refined oil exports in 2020 after a dip of 1.8% year over year in Q4’20. The shortfall may be most ... Read more →


Texas freezes gas exports, could chill relations with Mexico

The Texas state authorities have banned natural gas exports from the state in the wake of freezing conditions that have boosted demand and compromised infrastructure. That’s led Mexico’s Economy Minister, Tatiana Clouthier, to call for the U.S. to “avoid industry being affected and to guarante... Read more →


Regal Beloit switches to Mexico as pool, cooling demand climb

Regal Beloit reported revenue growth of 5.7% year over year in Q4’20, breaking a seven quarter streak of falling revenues, as demand for pool and air conditioning pumps climbed during the stay-at-home phase of the pandemic. U.S. seaborne imports linked to Regal Beloit surged 204% higher year o... Read more →

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