Ethiopian Manufacturers

Here are the 747 suppliers from Ethiopia. Panjiva helps you find manufacturers and suppliers you can trust. Click on the name of the supplier below to see more detail, or better yet, use the powerful Panjiva Supplier Search Engine to find the suppliers from Ethiopia that best meet your needs.

Abadir Cof Trading Plc
Abat Imp. & Exp.
Abat Imp. & Exp. . Plc
Abbahawa Trading Private Ltd. Co.
Abbahawa Trading Private Ltd. Co.
Abbahawa Trading Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Abc Trading
Abdulsemed Takele Imp. & Exp. r And Exp.
Abdurezak Takele Exp.
Abdurezak Takele Exporter
Abebe Asfaw
Abebe Mulugeta Kassa Genet Trading
Abebe Mulugeta Kassa Genet Trading
Abreham Abebe General Exporter
Abreham Abebe General Exporter
Abreham Abebe Mengeste
Acos Ethiopia P.L.C
Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Associations
Addis Alemayehu Tamire Po Box 14767
Addis Exporter Ltd.
Addis Exporter Ltd.
Addis Exporter Ltd. Post
Addis Garment Share Co.
Adem Bedane Oda Imp. Exp.
Adulina Coffee Exporter Plc
Aee Food Enterprise
Afleyta Trading Plc
Afro Global Business Centre Ltd.
Agro Prom International P.L.C.
Ahmed Teib Ahmed
Ahmed Teib Ahmed General Imp. And
Aida Mohammed Custom Clearing Agent
Ajli International Trading
Ajli International Trading P.L.C.
Aklilu Kasa Chirisa
Aklilu Kassa
Aklilu Kassa Chirissa
Aklilu Kassa Chirrissa
Aklilu Kassa Chirrissa (Nardos Co.
Aklilu Kassa Chirrissa (Nardos Coff
Aklilu Kassa (Nardos Coffee Exp.
Alberti Angelo Prodotti Chimici Industriali
Alemayehu Deresse Imp. And
Alemda Textile P.L.C
Aleta Land Coffee Plc
Aleta Land Coffee Plc
Alfoz P.L.C.
Alfoz Private Ltd. Co.
AL-HARAMAIN : Ethiopia Branch
Al Imp. & Exp. Imp. And Exp.
Al Imp. & Exp. Imp. And Exp.
Almaz Seyoum Beyene
Almaz Zeleke Coffee Exporter,Sami B
Almeda Textile Plc
Almeda Textile Plc
Almeda Textile PLC
Almeda Textiles P.L.C
Al Mehdi Industries Plc
Al Mehdi Industries Plc, Office No.
Almet S.A.S.
Almet Zac Des Chesnes Nord
Al Nur Imp. & Exp. . Industrial
Alpha Trading Partners Plc
Alpha Trading Partners Plc
Alpha Trading Partners Plc.
Alumashu General Trading Plc
Alumashu General Trading Plc P.O.B
Aman Werake Busera Imp. & Exp.
Amare Plc
Amare Plc
Amaro Gayo Coffee
Ambassa Enterprises Plc
Ambo Minearl Water S.C.
Ambo Mineral Water Factory
Ambo Mineral Water S.Co.
Amdie Befekadu Berhanu Imp. & Exp.
Ame Grant Processing Food Items
American Ambassador
Amerson General Trading Plc
Amerson General Trading Plc
Ams S.R.L.
Ana Maria Cadavid Londono.
Anbessa Shoe
Anbessa Shoe Share Co.
Antypas Bros Ltd.
A Oil Seeds And Cereals Exp.
A Oil Seeds And Cereals Exp.
A Oil Seeds And Cereals Exporti
A Oil Seeds And Cereals Exporti
Apinec Agro Industry
Apl Logistics Lanka Freight
Arba Tiryaki Grains And Pulse
Arduneja Trading Plc
Aremac Polymer
Arken General Trading Plc
Ase Agri Service Ethiopia
Ashiya Trading
Ashiya Trading
Ashiya Trading ( Mekdesse Tadese Banti)
Asma International Business Plc
Asmen Plc
Asnake Addissu Negash Exporter
Asnakech Thomas (Amaro Gayo Coffee)
Asnakech Thomas Amaro Gayo Coffee
Assefa Eyassu Gemstone Exporter
Assefa Girma
Assefa Girma Tel: 0111 55 99 83 F
Asset Management Service S.R.L.
Aster Afework General Exp.
Aster Afework Negusie
Awash Wine Share Co.
Ayinage General Trading P.L.C
Ayinage General Trading P.L.C Coffe
Ayinage General Trading Plc Coffee
Aynalem Exporter
Aynalem Exporter
Azanu Denekew
Azanu Denekew Mekonnen Imp. & Exp.
Baba Agro Processing Plc
Bagersh Agro P.L.C
Baptist General Conference Missio
Barkume Coffee Exp. Plc
Bastran Business P.L.C
Bazen Agricultural And Industrial D
Bebeka Coffee Estate Shre Co.
Bechu International Trading P.L.C
Bedele Brewery S.C.
Bedfam International P.L.C
Bekimar Industry Pic
Belachew Bacho Exporter
Belayneh Kinde Imp. & Exp. .
Belayneh Kindie Imp. Exp.
Beless P.L.C.
Beless Private Ltd. Co.
Bench Maji Forest Coffee Producer F
Bereket Rese Shebeshi
Bereket Rese Shibeshi Civet Coffe
Best Environmetal Technologies
Bettina Woll
Beyan Mohammed Nur Tel No.251 911
Beza Mar Agro Industry Plc
Bezuayehu Shone Coffee Plantation P
Bgi Ethiopia Plc
Bgi Ethiopia Plc.Rergion;14 City:A.
Birhanu Nigusie Zerihun Exp.
Blue Nile Hotel Plc
Bm Ethiopia Garment And Textile S.C
Bm Ethiopia Garment And Textile S.C
Bm Ethiopia Garment And Textile S.C
Bnt Industry And Trading Plc
Bnt Industry And Trading Plc
Bnt Industry And Trading Plc
Bnt Industry And Trading Plc
Bnt Industry And Trading Plc
Bnt Industry And Trading Plc Kirkos
Bnt Industry And Trading Plc Po Box
Bnt Trading And Industry Plc
Bongioanni Macchine Spa
Bristol Technologies Sdn Bhd
Brook Tsehaye Yohannes Imp. & Exp. r
Brook Yohannes Imp. & Exp. r Exporter
Brook Yohannes Imp. & Exp. r & Exporter
Brundo International Private Ltd.
Bsbd Trading Plc
Burford International Ltd
B.Vi.R SpA
Bwap Exp. Plc
Bwap Exp. Plc P.O.Box :1980 111
Cabey Pvt., Ltd.Co.
Cabey Pvt., Ltd.Co., P.O.Box 18192,Ad
Castel Winery Plc.
Cavalier Transportation
Cayden Resources, Inc.
C.G.F Business Group Private
Chalbex Trading Plc
Challenge Coffee Traders Plc
Chemline Healthcare, Wickart & Co.
Chercher Oda Bultum Farmer S
Choksi Agro Trading
Christine Lewis
Cimmyt Ethiopia
Cimmyt Ethiopia
Circor Energy Products Canada Ulc Dba Kf Industries Canada
Cloud 9 General Trading Plc
Coffee Plantation Development Enter
Coffee & Tee Authority
Colines S.P.A.
Concept International
Concept International Plc
Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.
Crown Packers Pvt., Ltd.
Damota Wolayta Farmers Cooperative
Damota Wolayta Farmers Cooperative
Damota Wolayta Farmers Cooperative
Daniel Desalegn Mengistu Exporter
Daniel Leon Babock
Danmar Lines Ltd Dhl Global
Dashen Brewery Plc.
Dax Automation Ltd
Dax Automation Ltd
Daye Bensa Coffee Exp. Plc
Dd Agro Produce Imp. & Exp. Trading (Agib
Deep Furniture Sdn. Bhd.
Delma Agri Business Plc
Demekech Gadissa Umeta Exporter
Dereje Gidyelew Exporter
Desalegn G/Michael Trading
Desalegn Mengistu Gebrekirstos
Desalgn G
Desta Plc
Dipasa Agro Plc.
Dire Industries Plc
Dire Industries Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Dire Industries Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Distillerie Les Films D Emile Pernot
Distillerie Les Fils D'emile Pernot Sarl
Dreco Energy Services Ulc O A
Drehtainer Gmbh
Drillmec SpA
Dsv Air & Sea Ltd.
Dukale Wakayo Dakola Coffee Exporte
Durame Pvt., Ltd. Co.
East African Group(Eth) Ltd.
Ebuna Trading Plc
Ebuna Trading Plc.
Edao International Trading
Edmealem Ejigu Imp. Exp. Plc
E Foodsafe Plc
Efrata Integrated Agricultural Development
Elias Eshetu General Imp. & Exp.
Elias Tesfaye/Eltex Textile
Elmu Plc
E.M.G. S.r.l.
Ensh General Trading Plc
ENSH General Trading Plc
Equinox Commission Agency And Exp.
E.S.L. Ethiopian Shipping &
Etcof Trading Plc
Etcof Trading Plc
E.T. Fetan Transit
Ethio Agri Ceft Plc
Ethiopian Association Of Organic Agriculture
Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterpris
Ethiopian Mineral Development Share
Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris
Ethiopian Shipping Lines
Ethiopian Shipping Lines Sc
Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Se.
Excel Cargo Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Expeditors Cargo Management
Eyerusalem Asfaw Kebele 14/15 Hou
Faisal Massoud General Exp.
Feleke Garment Plc
Feleke Garment Plc Lebu Industrial
Felke Garement Plc
Feriwote Layke Menegistu P.O.Box.16
Fizzy Distribution Sas
Flames N Games Ltd
Foster SpA
Gale Kemisse Agro Industry Plc.
G And F Coffee Exporter Kirkos Subc
G And F Coffee Exp. Plc
Garden Mocca Plc
Gashaw Kinfe Desta
Gashaw Kinfe Desta
Gebremariam Gebreezgi Hagos
Gebre Mulu Bogale Arada
Gebrie Mulu Bogale Imp. & Exp. .
Gedyon Girma Abera Ghion Internatio
Ge Healthcare
George Eftima Papageorgiu
Geotraco Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Gerelta Business Plc
Getandes Trading Plc
Gg Super Garments Factory Plc
Ghion Industrial & Commercial Plc
Ghty General Trading Plc.
Global Ocean Air Cargo
Global Tellink
Gmt Industrial Plc
Gmt Industrial Plc P.O.Box 22167
Gmt Industrial Plc P.O.Box 22167, T
Gmt Industrial Private
Golden Africa Exp. P.O.Box 1281
Golden Rose Agrofarms Ltd
Golden Rose Agrofarms LTD
Golla Bee Products Private Ltd.
Gomez Ossa International
Gonde Imp. Exp. Enterprise
Granaos Salu Dables L.L.C
Green Coffee Agro Industry Plc
Green Gold Ethiopia Plc
Green International Logistic Servic
Guji Coffee Exp.
Guji Coffee Exp. Plc
Guji Coffee Exp. P.L.C.
Guna Trading House Plc
Guna Trading House Plc P.O.Box 8031
gz Imp. Exp. And
gz Imp. & Exp. . Plc
Hadera Hussein Yasin
Haicof Ltd.
Haider Abamecha Imp. & Exp.
Haileslassie Ambaye Deres
Haileslassie Ambaye Deres Imp. An
Haileslassie Ambaye Deres Imp. An
Haileslassie Ambaye Industrial Plc
Hajuta Trading
Hajuta Trading Plc P.O.Box:170221 A
Harar Brewery Share Co.
Hdm Technologistics, S.A.R.L.
Helen Gebrenigus Coffee Exporter
Helen Gebrenigus Coffee Exporter
Helen G/Nigus Coffee Exporter
Henok Abebe Imp. & Exp. r And Exporter
Hesa International Plc P.O.Box 2344
Homeland Organic Coffee Agro Indust
Hope International Plc/Samuel Tef
Horra Trading
Humera Trading
Hussen Ahemed Mohammed Exporter
Hussen Marshallo Imp. & Exp. .
Hyg Imp. & Exp. . Private
Ibero And Jos Hansen
Ibrahim Hussien Coffee Exporter
Imco Agro Industries Plc
Imi Technology Co., Ltd
Impex Solutions Fzco
Impex Solutions Fzco P.O.Box 6411
International Livestock Research Intitute
International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center (Cimmyt)
Ips Coffee
Isik Detergent Chemical And Texti
Jaime Mascaro S.A.
Jas Worldwide Indonesia
Jay Jay Textiles Plc
Jemal Seid Adem General Imp. And
Jemea Trading Plc
Jermed Imp. & Exp. . Plc
J.J.Kothari Co.(Eth) Ltd.
John Deere Reman Edmonton
Jorge Galvez
Jovial Trading Plc
Jovial Trading P.L.C. P.O.Box 54779
J.P. Metal America Inc.
Kafa Forest Coffee Farmers
Kafa Forest Coffee Farmers'union
Kaki Plc P.O.Box 21048 Code 1000
Kaleb Service Farmer´S House Plc
Kebede Chaka General Exporter
Kebire Enterprises Plc
Kedija Ahmed Coffee Exp.
Kei Industrial Engineering Consulta
Kemal Abdella Coffee Exporter
Kemal Abdella International Plc
Kemal Abdella International P.L.C
Kemal Abdella International Pvt., Ltd.
Killbride Road Ballyclare
Kk Private Ltd. Co.,Chuchi
Kmm Trading Plc
Kmm Trading Plc Addis Ababa(Ethio
Knit Of Finish P.L.C,Po Box 7519
Knit To Finish P.L.C.
Knit To Finish P.L.C, W Akaki, Sida
Konjit Moges Imp. & Exp.
Koonfeyekun International Business
Korethi General Textile Plc
Kumneger Yishak Exporter
Laboratoires Dujardin Salleron
Lamko Tool & Mold
Lanchihun Business Plc
Laumas Electronica S.R.L.
Laura Trade Industry Plc
Legesse Sherefa Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Legumex Walker Canada Inc
Lema Edeto And His Children S.C
Lema Edeto And His Children S.C.
Lema Edeto And His Children S.C.
Limmu Coffee
Limmu Coffee Farm
Limmu Coffee Farm Tel:+251 118 82 9
Limu Inara Farmers Mulitipurpose Co.
Limu Inara Farmers Multi Purpose
Limu Inara Multipurpose Cooperative
Limu Inara Multipurpose Cooprative
Limu Kossa Agro Industry Plc
Linssen Roses Ethiopia PLC
Lotira International Trading
Ltd. "Biona Plus
Lubrimetal, S.P.A.
Lydia Ladurner
MAA Textile Garment Factory
Maccfa Freight Logistics
Maji Agro Forestery Plc
Mallima Plc
Mambuk Trading And Logistics Plc
Mamo Kacha Plc P.O. Box 8549
Mamo Kacha Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Mam Trading Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Mam Trading Pvt., Ltd.Co., P.O.Bo
Marie Shitahun Imp. & Exp. .
Marshallo Coffee Exporter
Mascaro Menorca
Mascaro Menorca 1918
Mawi Coffee & General Business Plc
Max Export
Max Exp., P.O.Box 6982, Addis A
M.C.A. Exp. Sas Di
M.C. Automazioni Srl
Measurements International Limited
Mebtom Trading Pvt., Ltd. Co.,P.O.Bo
Medani General Trading Plc
Medhanit Atenafu
Medtech Ethiopia Pvt., Ltd.Co
Mehari Redei Exporter
Mehari Redei Exporter
Mekbeb Melke Mulat Imp. & Exp. .
Mekdem Nigussie
Mekdesse Tadesse
Mekedes Tadesse
Menesibu Business Enterprise Plc
Meseret Negewo Exp.
Mesfin Tadesse P.L.C
Messersi Packaging Srl
Meta Abo Brewery S.C.
Metad Agricultural Development Plc
Mezmur Zemichael Exp. & Imp.
Ministry Of National Defence
Mochaland Imp. & Exp. Plc
Mode Imp. & Exp. Plc
Moges Ayenew Coffee Exporter
Moges Ayenew Coffee Exporter(Maco)
Mohammed Lalo Imp. Exp.
Mohammed Nasser Ahmed Al Hubaishi
Moplaco Trading Co., Ltd.
Moplaco Trading Co., Ltd.
Moplaco Trading Plc
Moplaco Trading Plc
Moplaco Trading Plc
Morales Frank
Mordocofe Private Ltd. Co.
Mordocoffee Plc
Moredocofe Private Ltd. Co.
Mormora Coffee Plantation Plc
Mormora Coffee Plantation Plc
Mormora Coffee Plantation Plc
Mr. Alejandro Diz Rodriguez
Mr.Ferid Abdulla
Mr.Mrs. Judy Webb
Mrs.Tsehai Haile Begashaw
Mrs. Wahid Teklu
Mr.Volker Oswald German
Mulat Garment Plc.
Mulat Garment Plc., P.O. Box 101053
Mullege Coffee Exporter Plc
Mullege Plc
Mullege Pvt., Ltd. Co.P.O.Box 12791 Ad
Mulugeta And Family Plc
Mulugeta Mekonnen Exp.,Po Box 1
Muluneh Kaka Coffee Exporter P.O.Bo
Muluneh Kaka Coffee Exporter P.O.Bo
Muzien And His Children Plc
Nanjin Chervon Industry Co. Ltd.
Nanjin Chervon Industry Co. Ltd.
Nape Imp. & Exp. Trading Plc
Nardos Coffee Exp. (Aklilu Kassa)
Nardos Coffee Exp. P.O.Box 2577 A
National Alcohol And Liquor Facto
National Oil Ethiopia Plc. (NOC)
Natunola Health Inc.
Natural Gum Processing And Marketin
Nazareth Garment Share Co.
Netsanet Abebe Alemayehu
Netsanet Abebe Alemayehu
New Wing Addis Shoe Factory Plc
New Wing Addis Shoe Factory Plc
Nigussie Lemma Edeto
Nigussie Lemma Edeto
Nikihil Sekhran
Nile Source Plc.
Nine Brothers Trading Plc
Nine Brothers Trading P.L.C
Nine Brothers Trading P.L.C Dire Da
Ningbo Wuyun Pen Mfg.
Ningbo Wuyun Pen Mfg. Co.
Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Nittoku Engineering Co., Ltd.
N&N Garment Factory Plc Addis Aba
Novacro Machining Inc.
Novaflow Systems, Inc.
Novas Star
Nova Star
Novastar Garment Factory Plc
Novastar Garment Factory Plc
Novastar Garment Factory Plc Orom
Nual General Business Plc
Nwt Safety Supplies
Nwt Safety Supplies Ltd
Oec Freight Ny
Oec Freight Ny C/O
Oec Freight (Ny) Inc C/O
Oec Freight (Ny) Inc. C/O
Oec Group New York C/O
Olaf Casten Amos Erenstein
Omega Universal Equipment
Orangina Schweppes Internacional
Organic Trading
Organization for Social Development
Orient Containers Sdn Bhd
Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative U
Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative U
Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union/OCFCU/Ltd
Oromia Forest & Wildlife Enterprise
Osma Investment Plc
Outillages, Matrices Et Machines A.B. Mekatek Inc
Outillages, Matrices Et Machines A.B.Mekatek Inc
Packtra Plc
Pactra Pvt., Ltd.Co. P.O.Box 5432, Te
Panafric Global
Panafric Global Plc
Passion General Trading & Industry
Pattani Food Industries Co., Ltd.
Payanini S.R.L.
Pdq Airspares Ltd
Pennel Usa
Phison General Trading Enterprise
Piramal Critical Care Italia S.P.A.
Pittards Products Manifacturing S.C
Primrose Service Provider Plc
Primrose Sp Plc
Primrose S.P Plc (Coffee Exp.)
Private Brands Consortium (Pbc) Inc
PT Cort Indonesia
PT Kemasindo Cepat Nusantara
Radar Business Plc
Ran Otomotiv Yedek Parca Dis Ticaret Ltd Sti
Rashid Esmail Exporter
Ravaglioli Spa
Raydan Manufacturing Inc
Raydan Manufacturing Inc
Rayden Manufacturing Inc
Rest Relief Society Of Tigray
Rlm Manufacturing Inc
Robera Pvt., Ltd. Co.
Rotork Fluid Systems
Rotork Gears
Rotork Gears
Rukiya Mahmed Imp. & Exp.
S. A. Bagersh PLC
Said Adem Bedane Commodity Trade Pl
Salini Costruttori SpA
Sami Imp. Exp. Phone No 25111
Sam Textile Pvt., Ltd. Co., P.O.Box 18
Samuel Lema
Samuel Lema Exporter
Samuel Tefera
Santiago Bernal
Sas Despagne
Sea Bizz Logistics Pvt., Ltd.
Seferash Asefa Wondmeneh
Sefrash Asefy
Segon International Movers Plc
Seid Yassin Ali
Seis Erre Alimentos Sa
Seis Erre Alimentos S.A.
Selet Hulling Plc
Selet Hulling Plc
Selet Hulling Plc
Selet Hulling Plc
Semachew Demissie Investment Plc.
Serge Pantenaude
Serigrafia Pertoldi Srl
Seven Seventy Agro Imp. & Exp.
Shamil Omer Tahiro
Shandong Sinolion Machinery
Sheba Exp.
Sheba Industries PLC
Shoeztek Global Co., Ltd
Sibu Coffee Exporter Plc
Sidama Coffee Farmers
Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative
Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative U
Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative U
Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative U
Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
Sisay Gidey General Exporter
Sisay Gidey Kassahun
Slope P.L.C.
Smart Business Group P.L.C.
Sms Plc
Snap Trading
Snap Trading And Industry Plc
Soreti International Trading
Soreti International Trading Co (Si
Southern Region Farmers
Southern Region Farmers Cooperative
Southern Regtion Farmers Cooperativ
Spirol Ind Ltd
Spirol Industries Ltd
S.Sara Coffee Exp. Enterprise
Steve Horne Enterprise Inc.
Syed Mohammad Tariq Azim Jointly An
Tade Gg Highland Forest Coffee
Tadesse Desta Import & Export
Tadesse Desta Import & Export
T.A.G. Srl
Tanmach Limited
Tanmach Limited
Tecniplast S. P. A.
Tecniplast S.P.A.
Teferawork Esubalew Melese
Tega And Tula Special Coffee Farm
Tekalegn Bessepa
Tenaw Alehegn Imp. Exp.
Tenax, S.P.A.
Teppi Coffee Farmers Cooperative
Teppi Green Coffee
Teppi Green Coffee Estate S.C.
Teppi Green Coffee Estate S.C.
Tesfa Irati Abay Kolfe Keraneo,Ke
Tesfaye Aseefa Beeswax Processing C
Tesfay G/Mariam Gidey Coffee Exp.
Teshome Anteneh Alemneh General Exp.
Testi Plc
Testi Trading Plc
Testi Trading Plc
Texa S.P.A.
The American Emabassy
The Awc Company
The Awc Company
The Awc Company
Tikur Abay Shoe Share Co.
Tikur Abbay Shoe S.Co
Tirhas Berhe
Tl Geohydrographics Sdn.Bhd.
Tomas Machinery, Ltd
Top Brands Int.
Tracon Trading Plc
Tracon Trading P.L.C.
Tracon Trading Plc Churchill
Tracon Trading Plc Churchill Avenue
Tracon Trading Plc Leila Building,U
Tracon Trading Plc P.O.Box 50721
Tracon Trading Plc Tracon Tower
Trinity Liner Agencies Ltd.
Tsegereda Asgedom Exp. And Imp.
Tsehaye Haile
TSM Commission Agent
Tt Engineering & Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Tts Energy Canada
Tts Energy Canada Ltd
Tts Sence Canada
Ufp S.R.L.
United Packers Movers
Vetriceramici Spa
Vetriceramici Spa
Vetriceramici Special Products For The Ceramic Industry
Vetriglass S.R.L.
Vetriglass S.R.L.
Vickers Warnick Ltd
Vienna Metals Trading Fzc
Wahid Teklu
Wahid Teklu Biru
Walker Seeds
Walker Seeds
Walker Seeds
Walker Seeds Ltd.
Walker Seeds Ltd.
Walker Seeds Ltd.
Watto Coffee Development Plc
Watto Coffee Development Plc
Weldeyesus Business Plc
Wellman Thermal Services Limited
Wellman Thermal Services Limited
Wellman Thermal Services Ltd
Woinu Curtain Trade
Wonberta General Imp. & Exp. .
Wonberta General Imp. Exp.
Wonberta General Imp. & Exp. P
Wonberta General Imp. Exp. P.
Wonberta General Plc Imp. + Exp.
Wondo Trading And Investment Plc
Wondo Trading PLC
Wondwosen Gizaw Wurgessa G/Exp.
Woyebe Minche Imp. & Exp. . Plc
Wubanchi Gadissa Terefe
Yahia Sayed Omar
Yared Mulugeta Export's (Gem Ethiopia)
Yasmin Coffee Plantation Plc.
Yegenet Private Ltd. Co.
Yeromnesh Afework Mengistu
Yeti Agro Forestry Plc
Yeti Agro Forestry Plc
Yewubdar Admasu
Yibeltal Getachew Imp. & Exp. .
Yidinekachew Dabesa Chalchissa
Yilkal Yenesew Zeleke
Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooper
Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperat
Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperat
Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperat
Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperat
Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperat
Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperatives Union
Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory Plc
Yirgalem Molla Akalie
Yirga Trading Plc
Yonis Garment Plc
Yonis Garment P.L.Ctel:011 440 34/5
Yso Imp. & Exp.
Zablon Trading Plc
Zablon Trading Plc
Zelealem Eshetu Coffee Exporter
Zenith Gebs Eshet Ethiopia Ltd.
Zereyad Group Transit And Forward
Zewdie Adego General Exp. Trading
Zhejiang Hengdian Imp.&Exp.
Zufan Asgedom Medhane

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