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Research on Logistics

Whatever your do, you rely on logistics. Access analysis of the competitive dynamics and corporate finances of the shipping companies, as well as the impact of port activity and shipping rates on your business.


Expeditors steps up tech game to tackle Fedex, Flexport

Expeditors International has acquired digital freight forwarding platform Fleet Logistics. Strategically that may help it compete with FedEx, which recently announced a venture with Microsoft, as well as digital-native forwarder Flexport. Expeditors has underperformed its peers on U.S.-seaborne import routes in the past five quarters including a 10.7% year over year slide in shipments in Q1 compared to a 5.2% decline for the freight forwarding sector’s shipments overall. Expeditors will be able to expand the range of container lines offered through Fleet Logistics. The largest container line handling Expeditors’ traffic on U.S.inbound lanes in the six months to April 30 was Hapag-Lloyd with a 17.4% share compared to 11.9% in 2017. Shipments linked to MSC also rose to 11.4% of the total in the past 12 months from 7.4% in 2017. That’s come at the expense of CMA-CGM and Ocean Network Express whose shares have declined over the same period.

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Research on Manufacturing Industries

Learn what trade data can tell you about industries from commodities and food to electronics and autos with concise, regular updates.


Panjiva Insights: Academic angles in global supply chain planning

Panjiva Research took part in a webinar with our government affairs colleagues as well as Dr Robert Hanfield from NC State University on May 20. The event covered the COVID-19 pandemic from a supply chain and government affairs perspective. This report provides a link to the webinar recording and addresses questions and polls held during the event. A poll addressing reasons for supplier delivery delays identified stay-at-home restrictions and logistical challenges as the largest two issues. The restructuring of supply chains to deal with the implementation of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement is already underway, particularly in the automotive sector. Reshoring manufacturing to the U.S. in other sectors will be a function of specific industrial cost considerations including those related to labor as well as supplier risk assessments. The spread of sourcing for the U.S. to African suppliers has been held up by costs, though preferential tariffs and the African Continental Free Trade Area may help boost trade. Examples of supply chain disruptions recently have included food protectionism and the supply of medical testing kits.

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Research on Economics

Get the story behind the story with in-depth analysis of what is driving trade in the world’s largest economies.


Yang Ming, Evergreen win state support to maintain national champion status

The Taiwanese government is providing $1 billion of state aid to the container-lines Yang Ming and Evergreen Marine to ensure their financial stability during the COVID-19 pandemic. The government expects “global container volume may decrease by as much as 30%” in the next few months. Yang Ming already carried out a capital increase to compensate. Evergreen and Yang Ming are important national champions, accounting for 42.0% and 12.2% of U.S. imports from Taiwan in the 12 months to April 30. Their financial health will reduce the risk of disruptions to shipping for Taiwanese exporters. It may also allow them to compete for increased market share against competitors including Ocean Network Express.

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Research on Politics

Shifting policies, regulations and trade deals move the goal posts - get the data and facts behind the hype.


Europeans remain depressed in May, global trade trends still negative

European business sentiment towards trade improved in May but is still deeply negative. The IFO survey of German business showed a net 26.9% of respondents expecting lower exports compared to 50.2% a month earlier while the INSEE survey in France showed export expectations still at the lows of the prior month. Initial figures from 17 countries outside Europe shows trade has likely continued to lag in April with an average decline in exports of 6.7% year over year. The latter was driven by lower shipments from India and South Korea which offset improved exports from China.

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