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Research on Logistics

Whatever your do, you rely on logistics. Access analysis of the competitive dynamics and corporate finances of the shipping companies, as well as the impact of port activity and shipping rates on your business.


Rotterdam Likes Big Boats as Growth Accelerates for Eighth Straight Quarter

Container handling through the Port of Rotterdam climbed 10% on a year earlier in the first nine months of 2017, or 12% of the third quarter alone. That was the eighth straight quarter of accelerating growth. The expansion is driven partly by European trade growth, as well as Rotterdam’s deep water port for the larger scale of new container vessels coming into commission. CMA-CGM was the leading Transatlantic shipper (Rotterdam to U.S. ports) in the past 12 months with a 20% share, followed by MSC’s 13%. The two shippers’ ambitious new investments in ultra-large container vessels may allow them to increase their lead over number three and four placed shippers Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd.

Research on Manufacturing Industries

Learn what trade data can tell you about industries from commodities and food to electronics and autos with concise, regular updates.


Skechers Draws an Upward Line as Imports, Earnings Soar

Shoe manufacturer Skechers reported third quarter profits that were 37% better than expected, with a 16% revenue growth being 3% above forecasts. The stock jumped 23% aftermarket in response. Panjiva data shows the company’s U.S. imports (54% of global sales) have been accelerating. Growth in September reached 25% on a year earlier, up from 10% in July, to result in a third quarter total that rose 18%. Its competitors are also expanding, with Adidas and Under Armour seeing accelerating growth while Nike has slowed somewhat.

Research on Economics

Get the story behind the story with in-depth analysis of what is driving trade in the world’s largest economies.


WTO BAHA Brouhaha Unlikely To Change Trump’s Purchasing Policy

President Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” (BAHA) Executive Order may be challenged at the WTO by 0 countries and the European Union under the “Government Procurement Agreement”. The administration is due to receive policy recommendations for implementing BAHA by November 24. Cutting government purchases of overseas services, which totaled $22.1 billion in the past 12 months may be one route to doing so. The U.S. government ran a “services deficit” of $2.9 billion in the past year, so a 13.1% redirection of spending would wipe that out. It would only cut the overall goods-and-services deficit by 0.5%, but given BAHA plays into both the trade and employment policies of the Trump administration it is difficult to see the threat of a WTO action deterring policy implementation.

Research on Politics

Shifting policies, regulations and trade deals move the goal posts - get the data and facts behind the hype.


Resin Case Will Prove Stickier for Indian Than Chinese Suppliers

The U.S. Commerce Department has started investigations of PTFE resin (a non-stick coating) exports from China and India. The case is relatively small – total U.S. imports in the past 12 months were $149 million, with China and India representing 43% of the total. Both countries’ suppliers have aggressively grown their market share though with Indian supplies climbing 49% and China’s by 18% in the past three months on a year earlier. That’s come at the expense of European supplies. Indian suppliers, led by Gujarat Fluoro, have more to lose as the U.S. accounted for 28% of exports year-to-date, and almost all the 31% growth in dollar terms. In China the U.S. only accounted for 14% of exports for suppliers including Shandong Dongyue Polymer and Dajin Fluorine Chemical, and was the slowest growing major market for them.


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