Yokohama, Toyo tire bounce shows limits of tariffs — Panjiva


Yokohama, Toyo tire bounce shows limits of tariffs

Cons. Discr. - Autos 1125 South Korea 553 Taiwan 191 Tariffs 1771 Thailand 124 U.S. 5260 Vietnam 345

The U.S. government has set tariffs of as much as 101.8% on imports of passenger vehicle and light truck (PVLT) tires from four countries including Vietnam. The case includes the first final tariff decision that has factored in currency manipulation as a subsidy, adding up to 7.9 percentage points to tariffs on imports from Vietnam. That may be a precedent for other cases, though only Switzerland has also been declared as having met the Treasury Department’s criteria for being a currency manipulator. The threat of tariffs has led to a reorientation of PVLT tire supply chains. Total U.S. ...

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