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Lumber Case Lumbers On, U.S. Wins at WTO

The WTO has ruled that the U.S. can use its controversial “zeroing” methodology in assessing alleged dumping of Canadian softwood lumber. The win for the U.S. government is important for the WTO’s future operations given the Trump administration’s historic antipathy towards the organization. W... Read more →


U.S. Customs Lays Down The Law on Chinese Plywood Tariff Evasion

U.S. Customs and Border Protection have determined that Chinese hardwood plywood may have been transshipped via Vietnam to evade duties of up to 172%. The evasion may have started almost as soon as duties were applied in January 2018 while shipments from ports in Vietnam continued through July... Read more →


Canada’s Port Activity Surges, Bested by U.S. West Coast

Container handling at Canada’s big three ports climbed 9.9% on a year earlier in October due to improved growth in Vancouver’s imports. When combined with Prince Rupert, import growth on Canada’s west coast reached 14.4%. That still lagged the 22.1% seen at Seattle and Tacoma due to a – possib... Read more →


Fine Words as WTO Fails to Progress Fine Paper Case

The WTO’s dispute panel has not been able to make progress on a U.S.-Canada paper case and India-U.S. poultry case due to a lack of resources. A meeting including the EU, Japan and 11 other countries has committed to reforming WTO rules on dispute settlement and improve enforcement of WTO stan... Read more →


NAFTA Watch: Chapter 19 In Focus After Paper Imports Ground Down

The Canadian government has filed a NAFTA dispute against America’s subsidy decision against Canada’s groundwood paper exports. That puts a spotlight on the Chapter 19 process just as it becomes a contentious point in ongoing negotiations and is arguably unnecessary given the U.S. ITC has alre... Read more →


Xi and Putin Have An Easy Trade Target, If Oil Cooperates

President Xi and President Putin have agreed to boost economic cooperation and use local currencies in regional trade. They have committed to boosting bilateral trade between the two countries to $100 billion in 2018, which looks achievable given trade in the 12 months to August 31 reached $98... Read more →

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