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Marathon Faces Race for Replacement Oil if Hormuz Straits Close

The Iranian National Guard has threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz in response to the U.S. removal of waivers for exports for Iranian crude oil. The U.S. military has indicated that it may respond, raising risks for hydrocarbon trade running through the Straits. U.S. exporters of LNG inc... Read more →


Saudi Weapons Order Shortage Has Yet To Cut Deliveries

President Donald Trump has vetoed a bill to withdraw U.S. military support to Saudi Arabia in the Yemen conflict. That’s come as U.S. export orders for weapons and military aircraft have slowed, reaching $35.8 billion in the past 12 months to Apr. 18 from $76.8 billion the same period 12 month... Read more →


CMA-CGM WAXes Lyrical About Asia-to-Gulf Trade Opportunity

CMA-CGM is extending its “WAX” service between Asia and the Middle East, adding ports in China, South Korea and Oman. That’s likely designed to take advantage of rising consumer and industrial demand in the Middle East after oil prices climbed 47% on a year earlier in the second quarter of 201... Read more →


Booming Saudi-U.S. Arms Trade As Exports More-Than-Double

President Trump’s recent meeting with Crown Prince Salman covered the topic of arms sales from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia, though no new deals were announced. Exports of weapons systems and military aircraft are a key part of both the trade and defense strategies of the administration. A t... Read more →


2018 Outlook: 5 Black Swan Risks for Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains face a morass of regulatory, political, physical and financial challenges in 2018. These raise at least five risks beyond the normal-course issues identified elsewhere in the Panjiva 2018 Outlook. Marine conflict in the South China Sea resulting from Chinese land claims wo... Read more →

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