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10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in March 2019

With China-U.S. trade talks (potentially) nearing a conclusion our readers’ attention has turned to potential winners and losers from the trade war. We’ve identified Vietnamese manufacturers as winners and U.S. farmers as losers. Our assessment of trade deal-making in 2Q more broadly – i... Read more →


10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in February 2019

The progress of U.S.-China trade talks formed the hub of our readers’ interest in February, including reports looking at purchases of agricultural and electronics products that could form part of an agreement. Delayed U.S. trade data may have drawn interest to our proprietary monthly review of... Read more →


10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in January 2019

U.S. trade policy was not at the forefront of our readers’ minds in January, for a change. Instead the congestion at major ports – including Newark – and sourcing strategies, admittedly in reaction to tariffs, were a major area of focus. Similarly corporate applications for t... Read more →


2018 Review: 12 Events That Shaped Global Supply Chains

A year of turmoil in global trade policy, the logistics sector and industrial supply chains provided fodder for over 1,600 Panjiva research articles in 2018. Boiling those down to one per month based on readership revealed 12 significant events in 5 broad themes. (1) The most significant was t... Read more →


10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in November 2018

The ramifications of the trade war between China and the U.S. were front-of-mind for our readers in November. The most-read research focused on the $2.18 billion drag on U.S. exports to China suffered in September as a result of retaliatory tariffs. Corporate reactions in the form of exemption... Read more →


10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in October 2018

The ongoing saga of tariffs- and counter-tariffs between the U.S. and China drew the most interest from Panjiva Research readers in October. Threats made by President Trump to extend tariffs to all products were met by tariff reductions by China designed to help non-U.S. suppliers. The U.S.-Me... Read more →


10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in September 2018

The denouement of the China-U.S. tariff saga arrived in September. Our most read research report covered the details of President Trump’s imposition of 10% duties (rising to 25%) on $200 billion of Chinese exports – including products that avoided new duties. Our accompanying analyses of... Read more →


10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in August 2018

August was a momentous month for the Trump administration in terms of developing and delivering trade policy, with our review of the history of President Trump’s actions since inauguration the most read report. The launch of plans to increase tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese exports to 25% f... Read more →

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