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JM Smucker Takes a Bigger Gulp as Brazil’s Coffee Overflows

Global coffee prices have collapsed 23.9% from their October peak as a result of a surge of supplies. While global export growth only increased by 2.8% year over year in February that followed a 16.3% rise in the prior three months. Exports from Brazil were the main driver with an increase of ... Read more →


Brazil’s Iron Ore and Soybean Downturn Needs Panama To Dig In

The Brazilian port association, ATP, has called on the Panama Canal to reduce fees and improve access for Brazil’s exporters. With a global trade downturn emerging the Canal Authority may be willing to accede. Brazil’s exports to Asia have grown only modestly recently with a 3.2% increase in s... Read more →


Brazilian Coffee Perks Up, Starbucks Loses Its Taste

Global coffee exports continued to grow in January with a 2.1% year over year improvement. The expansion has been led by increased shipments from Brazil which climbed 20.9%, marking a rare bright spot for the Brazilian export economy. The expansion in coffee exports has been broad-based with s... Read more →


Brazil Sour on Indian Sugar Subsidies After Shipments Slump

The Brazilian and Australian governments have launched a World Trade Organization dispute against Indian sugar subsidies. That’s not a surprise given Brazil filed a similar case against the Chinese government in 2018. There’s been a marked decline in Indian imports of sugar, with a 35.3% drop ... Read more →


Rail Investment Set to Speed Santiago Produce Exports

The TVS rail project represents a $2 billion investment in a new rail line between the port of Valparaíso in Chile and the capital city Santiago. It is designed to speed the export of agricultural products from the Santiago region, which were worth $2.90 billion in 2018. Of those 43.8% were ro... Read more →


JAB Holding Takes a Bigger Gulp of Brazilian Coffee

Global coffee prices could rise 20% year over year in 2019 due to a drop in Brazilian exports according to consensus estimates. Brazilian coffee exports rose 7.7% in 2018 compared to 2017, offsetting a 48.6% drop in shipments from Indonesia. Brazil’s export growth in 2018 was largely due to a ... Read more →


Food Supply Chains’ 44.7 Billion Pound Brexit Problem

British food supply chains are “not going to be even remotely ready” for a no-deal Brexit on Mar. 30 according to Food & Drink Federation CEO, Ian Wright. That echoes comments made by pharmaceutical manufacturers. The EU accounted for 70.6% of Britain’s £47.7 billion ($6... Read more →

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