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Solar Power Lights Up as Tariffs Become Business-as-Usual

The U.S. has reached two million solar power installations, double the level of three years ago. That’s come despite the imposition of tariff-rate quotas (TRQ) after the section 201 review by the Trump administration in Jan. 2018. Despite the TRQ there was a 110.8% rebound in seaborne im... Read more →


Trump’s $600 Billion Trade War So Far in Seven Charts

Twenty months into the Trump administration the President’s combative trade stance is having a real impact on global supply chains. (1) The policy has been driven by the U.S. trade deficit, which has continued to grow, reaching $823 billion in the 12 months to June 2018. (2) Surging imports, p... Read more →


AMLO Takes a (Single) Leaf From Trump’s Playbook With China

The incoming Mexican government led by President López Obrador (“AMLO”) has highlighted the “unfavorable” imbalance in trade with China. A focus on correcting the trade deficit would bring AMLO-administration policy inline with that of President Trump’s in the U.S. The Mexican trade deficit vs... Read more →

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