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BRP rides out choppy supply chain recovery

BRP reported FQ3’21 revenues which increased by 1.9% year over year after a surge in North American demand for the firm’s jet skis and all-terrain vehicles. That came despite the firm facing “a situation where we had to airfreight parts or reschedule to accommodate a supplier who had difficult... Read more →


Deere expects farm equipment growth, supply chain a pandemic risk

Farm equipment maker Deere & Co. reported a 2% year over year decline in revenues in the quarter to Oct. 31. That included a 16% drop in construction and a 1% dip in agricultural machinery. The firm expects revenue growth of 5% to 10% for the coming 12 months driven by “improved fundamentals i... Read more →


Urban Outfitters controls inventory, shifts to homewares

Urban Outfitters reported a 1.8% decline in fiscal Q3’20 revenues, beating analysts’ estimates of a 5.5% decline due to improved digital sales as well as “well-controlled inventory management” according to CEO Trish Donnelly. Looking ahead the firm’s quarter-to-date “sales are reasonably in li... Read more →


ThyssenKrupp’s auto orders ascend, steel in short supply

ThyssenKrupp has noted a marked recovery in imports for its fabricated steel and aluminum products from the automotive industry during Q2. A recovery in North American demand is expected to continue in 2021 though volumes will still be below “pre-pandemic levels and with still high uncertainty... Read more →


Roche sees testing time for COVID-19 diagnosis kit through 2021

Medical supply chain security is becoming an issue heading into the northern hemisphere winter. Roche CEO, Severin Schwan, has stated “demand is by far oustripping supply” for diagnostic tests and that he expects “this to continue for quite some time in 2021, and it’s simply because we have hu... Read more →


La-Z-Boy rebound squeezed by foam availability challenge

La-Z-Boy reported fiscal Q2’21 revenues which increased by 2.7% year over year due to pandemic-related, stay-at-home demand. The firm’s “supply chain team is doing a great job to continually increase weekly production” according to CEO Kurt Darrow at the firm’s earnings call. Total U.S. seabor... Read more →


Sonos sounds warning on congestion, container costs

Sonos reported fiscal Q4’20 revenues which increased by 16.0% year over year, compared to analysts’ expectations for an expansion of just 2%. The smart-speaker maker has benefited from stay-at-home demand during the pandemic to the extent that “demand outstripped supply” according to CFO Britt... Read more →


Microsoft Xbox levels up, higher score ahead

Microsoft’s new Xbox faces supply chain constraints versus demand with the division’s CFO, Tim Stuart, stating the firm will “continue to see supply shortages as we head into the post-holiday quarter” but that “we’ll have enough supply cranking over the next 4, 5, 6 months”. There’s already be... Read more →

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