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Dell slows PC supplies after overclocking Q2, HP Inc. boots up

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Global PC shipments climbed 11.2% higher year over year in Q2, according to preliminary IDC data, as a result of increased demand linked to COVID-19 working practices with global market share led by HP Inc, Lenovo and Dell. U.S. sales increased to 21.4 million machines from 18.8 million for a 13.8% increase. A further boost to sales could come in Q3 as back-to-school sales surged, as flagged in Panjiva’s research of July 17.

Panjiva’s data shows that total U.S. imports of computers, including desktop, laptop and server models, may have climbed by 14.1% year over year in Q2 as a result of the increased demand, though the surge came late in the quarter with a 21.8% year over year rise based on U.S. seaborne imports only. 


Chart shows U.S. imports of computers. Data for June 2020 based on seaborne imports only. Source: Panjiva  

Among the major suppliers much of the growth is likely linked to Dell which saw a 60.9% year over year increase in seaborne shipments in Q2. That’s been followed by a slowdown with a drop of 2.0% in the first half of the July, likely reflecting the firm having hit inventory limits. By contrast imports linked to HP Inc. have accelerated from growth of just 3.2% in Q2, partly due to a drop in shipments during the earlier stages of the pandemic, to a 163% surge in the start of July.

Similarly, Lenovo’s shipments surged 682% higher in the first half of July, though some caution is needed as that’s in part due to a weaker-than-usual month a year earlier. Compal and Acer meanwhile have both continued to see a decline in their shipments. That could reflect a change in transportation mode rather than a slide in supplies of course.


Chart segments U.S. seaborne imports of computers by consignee. Data for July 2020 based on first 15 days of month. Source: Panjiva  

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