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Fujifilm pivots to drugs as printing fades

Fujifilm has announced a pivot to contract drug making, likely looking to build on its success in finding that its drug Avigan had potential to treat COVID-19. The company is likely anticipating the further fall of photography and printing products, especially as trends around remote working ... Read more →


Xbox still outplays rivals in October

The chip shortage is likely to affect the holidays this year with companies like Nintendo and Sony indicating that their supply chains are disrupted by shortages of the essential components. These consoles and games are popular gifts during the shopping season, and many consumers may be lookin... Read more →


Samsung, Panasonic could use boosted Renesas capacity

Renesas, a chip maker, is boosting capacity by 5%0 for high end microcontrollers and 70% for low end chips by 2023, an announcement that may come as good news for the hard hit electronics sectors. While Renesas has little activity in U.S. seaborne datasets, Panjiva India data shows that import... Read more →


Healthcare and staples join technology in August import slowdown

U.S. imports increased by 4.4% from July to August, or 11.2% year over year. This was an 18.1% increase compared to 2019, indicating that the import surge is more than a pandemic recovery. August was also the second highest month of U.S. imports on record, albeit the slowdown in growth. This h... Read more →


IKEA, Adidas, seek recovery in Vietnam as new outbreak looms

The Vietnamese army has increased lockdown measures designed to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country as the tragic outbreaks intensify. These measures, essential to bring the virus under control, will likely have impacts throughout global supply chains, especially manufacturers that swit... Read more →


Supply chain inflation bow wave washes into Q3’21

Global supply chains have been beset by cost inflation since late 2020 with a wide range of commodities continuing to experience rising prices, up 0.5% as of August 13. This inflation is not limited to commodities, as import price data shows the prices of key manufacturing components like plas... Read more →


Super Micro, Asus fight high demand with imports

Orders for Chromebook parts are down, potentially a sign that the rabid demand for laptops in the U.S. may be slowing. Panjiva analysis shows that imports of laptops grew by only 3.8% year over year in Q2, against Q1 which saw a 110.7% year over year increase. Asus likely took advantage of the... Read more →

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