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U.S. warning on Hong Kong may add to China trade friction

The U.S. government has issued a “risk and considerations” advisory for firms operating in Hong Kong. That follows the introduction of the National Security Law in 2020 and China’s “Law on Countering Foreign Sanctions” passed in June which could lead to firms that apply U.S. sanctions in turn ... Read more →


Voxx tunes into Taiwan as supply chain costs rise

Voxx, a maker of audio products, released FQ1 (to May 31) revenues which increased by 90.4% year over year increase. The firm’s supply chain activity also expanded, with U.S. seaborne imports up by 52.7% year over year in the three months to May 31 and rising 27.8% versus the same period of 20... Read more →


Roku takes a hit in patent case, supply chain activity slowing

Streaming media firm Roku has lost part of a patent infringement lawsuit brought by United Electronics at the U.S. International Trade Commission. While ruling that older models of Roku’s remote controls did infringe, the judgement also states that newer models do not. That should limit the on... Read more →


Nintendo’s Switch reboot takes toll on short-term shipments

Nintendo is set to release an update to its Switch video game console in October with a larger, higher quality screen. The firm will be looking to bolster sales growth after extended supply chain challenges. The latter can be seen in a 47.3% year over year dip in off-peak U.S. seaborne imports... Read more →

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