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Samsung, Panasonic could use boosted Renesas capacity

China 2927 India 473 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 747 Japan 578 South Korea 556 Taiwan 193 U.S. 5269

Renesas, a chip maker, is boosting capacity by 5%0 for high end microcontrollers and 70% for low end chips by 2023, an announcement that may come as good news for the hard hit electronics sectors. While Renesas has little activity in U.S. seaborne datasets, Panjiva India data shows that imports associated with the firm increased by 90.2% in the three months to July 31, up 160.0% when compared to 2019. This outlines the strength of electronics demand, and a lagging month over month trend in India down 27.0% in July from August may show that the firm is operating against capacity constrain...

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