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Investigación para la Prensa

Trade touches on nearly every aspect of daily life. Whether you are covering international relations and economics or local business, Panjiva's platform
will help you visualize the relationships behind the headlines.

Company Profile Analytics

Investigación para Inversores

Track the activities of export-dependent and import-dependent companies, see which companies are exposed to country risk, or get a real time view of commodity flows.

Perfil de compañìa

Investigación de Consultoría

Use our tools to produce cutting-edge intelligence for your clients.
Visualize supply chain risk, map the market for specific products,
and calculate market share for businesses.

Perfil de Empresa: Sumário de Embarques


Investigación Legal

Leverage Panjiva in your practice to identify trademark infringement, monitor the activities of suppliers that are bound by exclusivity agreements, or see how your clients’ competitors are classifying their products.

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