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The most comprehensive information on Indian trade at your fingertips... India Trade Data


100,000,000+ shipments

The shipment records cover all modes of transport. In each shipment record, you’ll find 8-digit HS classification, detailed product descriptions, declared value, and more.

One of the World’s Fastest Growing Export Markets

Comprehensive coverage across India’s largest industries, including pharmaceuticals, automotives, textiles, oil, chemicals and much more.


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Detailed information, Cleaned and Organized, as only Panjiva Can

With access to in-depth product descriptions, 8-digit level HS classification and contact information, you will be able to quickly identify qualified prospects or new vendors and easily take action.

India shipments

Inteligencia Competitiva

Other data sets can sometimes restrict your ability to see a full picture about your competitors. With Indian trade data, you can see some of the missing pieces: for instance, the value of goods being imported or the name of the vendor.

Company profile with India shipping records

Greater Insight into the Market

India is a top player in the global economy, and this data will help you understand their business with the world. This can get you greater insight into the big movers in your market.

India shipment trends


Speak with a Panjiva account executive about India Trade Data.