WH Group, JBS may turn to Philippines as U.S. pork exports are chopped

Ags - Meat/Dairy 219 China 2728 Consumer Staples 667 Philippines 53 U.S. 4848

The Philippines could triple its imports of pork in 2021 to alleviate price inflation caused by the spread of swine flu. Historically the Philippines has only been a minor importer being the 31st largest importer globally in 2019 with shipments led by Jollibee Foods. Sales to the Philippines may increase just as those to China, which has seen a surge in demand due to swine flu depletion of the hog herd, begin to decline. China’s herd is reportedly back to 90% of its pre-epidemic levels though Chinese imports were still up by 107% year over year in December. Exports from the U.S., which h...

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