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Qurate sticks with China through tariffs, pandemic

Qurate managed to generate 10% revenue growth in Q2 as the online and TV retailer delivered a strong mix of product choices as well as cutting inventory days to 56.2 from 70.2 a year earlier. Yet, its stock price dropped on the day of the results after the firm stated that profitability fell “... Read more →


Iran, Mexico, oil and the sourcing of Venezuela’s food

Iran has threatened to retaliate against U.S. shipping if the U.S. blocks Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela. Shipments of oil and food to Venezuela remain fragile in the wake of U.S. sanctions. Panjiva’s data shows Venezuelan imports are dominated by foodstuffs including soybean oil and rice... Read more →


Cargill’s activity rises, supply chain turnover increases

Agricultural product trader Cargill is cutting back its reporting to an annual basis from quarterly, providing an information gap for decision makers looking at the firm and its publicly-traded competitors such as ADM and Bunge. Panjiva’s global shipping data can provide deep insights into Car... Read more →

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