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Under Armour’s HOVR Can’t Stop Slippage in Sales, Imports

Under Armour reported 1Q 2019 revenues that included a 3.0% drop in revenues in North America as well as a 23.8% year over year decline in inventories. That’s consistent with a 34.6% year over year drop in its U.S. seaborne shipments in 1Q, which in turn was driven by a 40.0% slump in it... Read more →


Alpek May Beat Reliance as Yarn Supply Chains Are Rewoven

The U.S. Commerce Department has determined that exports of polyester yarn from China and India have been subsidized at rates of up to 460%. The case, brought by Unifi and Nan Ya Plastics, won’t be completed until Oct. 24. So far supply chains have not altered radically. Imports from Chi... Read more →


Trump’s Jet Leverage Attempt May Cause EU Talks To Crash

The administration of President Donald Trump, via the U.S. Trade Representative, has announced a list of 326 import lines from the EU which it may apply tariffs to in retaliation for EU subsidies provided to Airbus. The review, under the section 301 process, will likely run for several months ... Read more →


The Remarkable Resilience of America’s Demand for Imports

U.S. seaborne imports returned to growth in March with a 6.7% year over year expansion following a 4.1% drop in February. The improvement came despite a 3.9% drop in imports from China, which likely reflects the effective implementation of U.S. tariffs. That’s been offset by a 17.8% surg... Read more →


Lululemon Leaps Ahead, Achieves Balance With Youngone

Lululemon has announced a full year earnings outlook that was well ahead of consensus estimates after the sportswear retailer delivered 16.0% year over year growth in same-store sales. U.S. imports in the three months to Feb. 28 surged 41.4% year over year, suggesting growth is set to continue... Read more →


Vietnam May Be Winning the U.S.-China Trade War

Continued uncertainties about the outcome to the U.S.-China trade war may be leading companies to accelerate changes in their supply chains to include sourcing from other countries. Vietnam has been one beneficiary of that process over the longer-term. Vietnam’s export development has be... Read more →

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