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Inflation keeps growing as shipping rates dip

Shipping rates out of China have likely providing some relief to shippers even if still elevated. This accounted for a drop of 5.6% in rates out of China on average since the week of February 11, up 1.3% since the beginning of the year. Rates to the U.S. west coast and Europe followed this tre... Read more →


U.S. Steel looks to capitalize on record-high prices

U.S. Steel has announced plans for a new, 3 million ton capacity plant starting next year, counting on high steel prices to continue. CEO David Burritt said in an interview that “We have the winds at our backs. Steel prices seem to be sustainable.” Data on steel prices show that the average pr... Read more →


Container shipping surge hides electronics, apparel slowdown

U.S. seaborne imports remained elevated in June, with an average 94,490 TEUs per day of imports being 30.6% higher than a year earlier and 19.8% above June 2019’s level. With activity just 2.2% below that seen in May there’s little let up in the pressure on ports and shipping firms. The Health... Read more →


Olympics may help U.S. trade deficit set another new record

The U.S. trade in goods and services deficit reached $75.1 billion in May, the second highest on record. The expansion has been driven in large part by a boom in consumer goods imports which has been ongoing since October 2020. There was also a reduced trade-in-services surplus after imports o... Read more →


Ford bucks trend as autos apply brake to U.S. trade recovery

U.S. merchandise trade activity increased by 46.1% year over year in May and by 7.1% compared to May 2019. The performance of the export economy has been highly fragmented. Exports of food and beverages increased by 24.4% in May 2021 versus May 2019 while autos dropped by 17.3% over the same p... Read more →


Boeing 737 may be the way to Max out phase 1 commitments

The U.S. Commerce Secretary, Gina Raimondo, has stated the administration is “absolutely working on” securing Chinese approval for renewed sales of the Boeing 737 jet. New orders could help meet the requirements for Chinese purchases of U.S. products under the phase 1 trade deal. The aggregate... Read more →

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