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Zim, Amazon lead carrier, forwarder January growth

The growth in U.S. imports is declining as year over year numbers start to use the never-ending peak season of 2021 as their denominator. This can help explain why imports to the U.S. in January fell by 1.2% year over year – every comparison from now on will have to exceed last year’s records ... Read more →


ZIM, MSC lead 2M import growth in October

Carriers have continued to benefit from the surge in imports, increasing profits over previous years due to a positive volume and rate environment. This totaled 48.1 billion in Q3 and will likely impact the strategy and plans of carriers into the new year. Carriers are likely warry of allowing... Read more →


Costco secures ships to mark down congestion

Costco recently chartered their own vessels to try and manage freight congestion, a move that was also taken up by Walmart and Home Depot earlier this year. This will allow the company to dictate the location of the vessels, potentially avoiding some of the logistics troubles looming over the ... Read more →


Neumann, Shin Etsu in the path of Ida

Hurricane Ida has shut down the Port of New Orleans, likely halting imports and exports while the state of Louisiana recovers from the storm. Imports through the were already down before the storm, falling 20.7% year over year in Q2 and 24.9% in July. Imports are varied, but one of the largest... Read more →


Suez scarring improves appeal of new Orient Overseas service

Orient Overseas has launched a new, rail-and-sea containerized freight service from Xi’An in China to the U.S east coast via Bremerhaven in Germany. That may prove attractive to shippers that faced disruptions as a result of the Suez Canal blockage earlier in 2021. It may also help maintain Or... Read more →


ZIM Shipping, MSC face attention in FMC’s surcharge inquiry

The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission has launched an “expedited inquiry” into port congestion charges, targeting eight container shipping which represented 50.2% of U.S. seaborne imports of containerized freight in Q2’21. That follows: a surge in “freight all kinds” (pre-surcharge) rates; a wi... Read more →

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