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Danaher cuts imports; PPE down from pandemic highs

Imports of masks to the U.S. have settled from pandemic highs, down 86.6% year over year in July and August combined, while imports of gloves have seen more sustained growth, up 164.3% in the same two months. Imports are still relatively higher than 2019 levels, however, by 18.8% for masks and... Read more →


Reduced by WRO, Top Glove imports face competition

Top Glove, a maker of rubber gloves, was freed from a withhold release order issued in July 2020, alleging forced labor in Malaysian manufacturing. Imports of gloves, of which 70.8% in 2020 came from Malaysia, had fallen by 75.7% year over year by Q2 and 85.2% year over year in July and August... Read more →


IKEA, Adidas, seek recovery in Vietnam as new outbreak looms

The Vietnamese army has increased lockdown measures designed to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country as the tragic outbreaks intensify. These measures, essential to bring the virus under control, will likely have impacts throughout global supply chains, especially manufacturers that swit... Read more →


Nike may run out of Vietnamese sneakers as COVID-19 accelerates

Two of Nike’s suppliers in Vietnam have had to halt manufacturing due to a COVID-19 related shortage of staff. That repeats a pattern being seen in the apparel industry across south and south-east Asia. Vietnam accounted for 49.0% of Nike’s U.S. seaborne imports in Q2’21, led by footwear shipm... Read more →

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