Tariff Quote Watch: Foster Electric, Pioneer Turn Up Volume of Vietnamese Speakers

China 2527 Cons. Discr. - Durables 301 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 589 Quote Watch 229 Singapore 59 Tariffs 1613 U.S. 4472 Vietnam 273

Audio equipment maker Misco has suffered a competitive disadvantage due to differential section 301 duties on its components versus competitors completed products. The company President, Dan Digre, has stated “if these tariffs go on a lot longer, I don’t know if there will be anybody left in this country” to make speaker systems. The firm faces a significant challenge, with 84.2% of U.S. seaborne import shipments linked to the firm having come from China in the 12 months to Nov. 30. Imports of unmounted speakers more broadly have been in decline, with total U.S. seaborne shipments down b...

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