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Iran Sanctions Could Take Toll on Indian Rice, Drug Exports

The extension of oil sanctions against Iran by the U.S. could lead to a contraction in the Iranian economy. That’s led an Indian farming association to lobby the government to ensure continued export access to Iran. India’s exports to Iran were led by shipments of rice worth $1.27 billion in t... Read more →


Brazil’s Iron Ore and Soybean Downturn Needs Panama To Dig In

The Brazilian port association, ATP, has called on the Panama Canal to reduce fees and improve access for Brazil’s exporters. With a global trade downturn emerging the Canal Authority may be willing to accede. Brazil’s exports to Asia have grown only modestly recently with a 3.2% increase in s... Read more →


Brexit Watch: All Options Open, Supply Chains’ Surge Starts

Following a failure in the British parliament to find a way ahead for Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May has called for talks with the opposition Labour Party. All possibilities appear open despite the proximity of the next exit deadline of Apr. 12. Options for cross-party agreement could incl... Read more →

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