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Supply Chain Edge: Decorated supply chains, strike strategy revealed

Ags - Grains/Beans 297 Argentina 57 Brazil 392 Business Sentiment 201 Cambodia 23 Canada 490 China 2965 Cons. Discr. - Apparel 490 Cons. Discr. - Autos 1172 Cons. Discr. - Durables 509 Cons. Discr. - Retailing 463 Earnings 721 Energy - Renewables 180 European Union 819 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 789 Japan 597 Materials - Metals/Mining 746 Metals - Aluminum 244 Metals - Steel 508 Mexico 878 South Korea 571 Strikes 64 U.S. 5310 Vietnam 369

• The US peak shipping season is starting ahead of holiday shopping events. Shipping seasonality is close to normal, while US imports in September were flat versus a year earlier. Holiday decoration supply chains are the focus for our latest research. Apparel firms continue to repair their supply chains with regionalization being a leading strategy.
• The latest trade data shows semiconductor supply chains are still in retreat even as investment in new capacity continues apace. New analysis indicates that most electronics categories will experience above-average price escalation in...

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