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Panjiva Insights: Words become actions, Q2’21 Outlook

Panjiva Research’s April 8 webinar covered the outlook for Q2’21 and beyond and considered the troubled state of the logistics industry, its impact on the economic and supply chains as well as reviewing key trade policy issues to watch. The global logistics industry is still in the midst of a ... Read more →


Kao Corp, Natura face digital tax retaliation tariff makeover

The U.S. Trade Representative has proposed retaliatory duties against imports from six countries that have put digital services taxes into place, as part of an action initiated by the Trump administration. The consultation, covering imports from the U.K., Turkey, India and three EU states, are... Read more →


Q2 2021 Outlook: Words become actions, threats going nowhere

The seeds of the challenges faced by global supply chains in Q1’21 were sown in the second half of 2020 and are unlikely to unwind before the end of Q2’21. Global trade activity remains robust, with exports from 17 countries that have reported data for February showing growth of 6.2% excluding... Read more →


Brexit customs bullet dodged by not pulling the trigger

U.K. logistics networks remain in a state of upheaval after the implementation of new trading arrangements with the EU in January. Over a quarter of trucks leaving the U.K. to go to the EU are empty as of the first week of March according to the Road Haulage Association. One third of manufactu... Read more →

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