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Biden’s steel deal with Europe faces utilization hurdle

U.S. industrial capacity utilization has continued to improve in December, with the average across all industries reaching 74.5% from a trough of 64.2% in April. The metals industry has also seen a significant rebound with iron and steel utilization reaching 74.2% in December compared to a tro... Read more →


SQM presses on with lithium expansion as export prices slide

SQM plans to raise $1.1 billion in new capital to support investments in expanding its lithium production in Chile and Australia. While the growth in demand for electric vehicle batteries is set to be significant, there has been a marked decline in lithium prices in 2020. Total Chilean lithium... Read more →


2021 Outlook: Altogether, apart – Global trade policy issues

A change in U.S. presidency and the fallout from Brexit aren’t the only trade policy issues facing global supply chains in 2021. Reform of the WTO will likely have to wait until 2022 with the next ministerial having been delayed until Dec. 2021. In the meantime the WTO will need to manage down... Read more →


Brexit Watch: Maersk, MSC move away from Felixstowe once more

Maersk and MSC, the 2M shipping alliance, have realigned their Transatlantic container shipping route to use Peel Ports’ Liverpool port rather than Hutchison Ports’ Felixstowe facility stating an aim “to provide stability to the service, while optimizing the network”. Felixstowe’s woes have be... Read more →

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