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China’s Unpleasant Surprise Has Roots in Autos, Telecoms

China’s unexpected export decline of 2.7% year over year in April has been driven by several sectors. The autos industry has been particularly weak with a 22.8% drop in exports of cars in April, potentially due to a zeroing of shipments by Geely’s Volvo Cars to the U.S. The electro... Read more →


China’s Surprise Hides Disappointment For Phone, Chipmakers

China’s surge in exports in January was widespread across product categories. The most significant growth came in electronic circuits, where exports climbed 27.8% year over year, as well as a 9.5% rise in exports of computer systems. Phone-makers, led by Apple, likely did less well after a 19.... Read more →


Huawei Accelerates Equipment Imports As Investigation Looms

The U.S. Justice Department is reportedly investigating electronics manufacturer Huawei on intellectual property theft grounds. A finding against the firm could restrict Huawei’s operations in the U.S. So far these have been minimal. The firm’s U.S. seaborne imports to the U.S. hav... Read more →


Blame Apple, and Tariffs, for China’s Export Woes

China’s 4.4% year over year drop in exports in December was only partly due to the trade war with the U.S. – exports to Japan and Taiwan have also fallen. Indeed, at the product level a large part of the blame can be laid at the feet of the telecoms sector. Exports of handsets and compon... Read more →

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