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Neumann, Shin Etsu in the path of Ida

Brazil 379 Mexico 845 Mode - Seaborne 1764 U.S. 5234

Hurricane Ida has shut down the Port of New Orleans, likely halting imports and exports while the state of Louisiana recovers from the storm. Imports through the were already down before the storm, falling 20.7% year over year in Q2 and 24.9% in July. Imports are varied, but one of the largest is coffee, which saw an increase of 4.2% year over year in Q2 but fell by 22.0% year over year in July. Neumann Gruppe was the largest importer of those products, accounting for 407 TEU. Automotive products also increased in Q2, by 39.8%, but then fell by 17.3% in July. Most of the imports through ...

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