Expeditors, UPS shift more phones, PCs as spend beats speed in air-to-sea switch

Corp - Forwarders 292 Info Tech - Comms Equip 179 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 658 Mode - Airfreight 174 Mode - Containerized 1330 Mode - Seaborne 1662 U.S. 4839

A continued shortage of air freight capacity versus demand has led Lufthansa to suspend its guaranteed service offering. While demand might slacken during the lunar new year there is been a considerable degree of congestion in the global logistics sector to unwind. There’s evidence that the surge in new product launches in telecoms, computing and video games in Q4’20 required the shipping of high value products by sea rather than air due to elevated air freight costs. Panjiva’s data shows U.S. seaborne imports of telecoms devices surged 19.3% higher year over year in November while total...

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